Philip DixonManaging Director

Philip has 15 years experience in the IT industry. Striving to continually push the boundaries of modern IT delivery, he ensures customers receive the absolute best. He has a real passion for cars, wine and watches, but his favourite thing is food….

Jack LawsonSenior ICT Technician

Jack joined the team in 2015 as an IT Apprentice. He later completed his qualification, and received a Level 3 Diploma. In 2016, he was then taken on full-time as a Junior IT Technician before moving on to Senior ICT Technician. Jack loves everything Apple!

Jake CoyleICT Technician

Jake joined us late in 2020 –  the only good thing to come from such a poor year!! He has settled in with us well and is already receiving high praise from our customers.

Josh FlinnData/Telecommunications & Installation Engineer

Josh joined us early 2018 as our Telecommunications Engineer Apprentice and has been working closely with Ash to now become a Telecommunications Engineer Technician. He has worked incredibly hard and as a result has become a valuable member of the team! No doubt you’ll see him about.

Adam ButtonICT Techinican Apprentice

Adam joined us mid to late 2019. Whilst undertaking his apprenticeship work, he is very active in the field visiting all our customers. He is our rapid response unit; one man and his Vauxhall Astra…

Lewis ClarkeData/Telecommunication & Installation Engineer

Lewis has come in as our Installation Engineer and has been a real asset to AIT, working closely with Josh Flinn in order to complete the many jobs we have. Lewis is a real character and has established a strong connection to all of the staff whilst only being here for a few months.

Robert Wilby BSc (Hons)Data Analytics

Rob has significant experience as an ICT expert within education. He has been working full time since 1995 in this sector. Starting out by replacing paper-based school inspection systems with offline and online databases that improved the speed and efficiency for inspectors and the teams that supported them. He has been responsible for the development of the data programs that have been used to generate web-based school self-evaluation programs and now uses tools such as Qlik, PowerBI and Tableau to generate interactive Reports for Local Authorities and Schools in the UK and abroad.

Adam SpateOperations Manager

Adam has been at the heart of AIT for 8 years now and is solely responsible for ensuring communication is maintained throughout the company as well as regularly attending meetings with schools to ensure they are happy with the service we provide. Adam acts as a fatherly figure for many of the new starters at AIT which may not be too bad for him since he already has his own kids at home.

Jamie HarfieldHelpdesk Manager

Jamie joined the team in 2015 and has come a long way since then having progressed from being a 1st Line ICT Technician to now being our Helpdesk Manager maintaining efficiency on helpdesk and proficiency in staff members. He has had a massive impact on AIT but most of all… He loves everything Disney.

Matt SlaterICT Technician

Matt is an ICT Technician and has been with us for 5 years and has really been a marvel at AIT since he doesn’t just resolve tickets that come in, he is our key communicator with the Apprentices following Jamie and is a massive contributor to their development.

John JefferiesTraining Services Manager

A former ICT consultant with Lincolnshire CC from January 2002 and subsequently a Teaching and Learning consultant with CfBT Education Trust until July of 2016. John is now an associate of AIT. He is able to meet your needs and provide support in a variety of areas; IT, e-Safety, Safeguarding, Developing Teacher Programme, Multimedia Projects, Office365 and GSuite.

Gelena WilbyWebsite Design

  • Recent years have been focused on research, web development and social media management.
  • Since 2012 she has been developing websites for Educational Consultancy Companies and the NHS.
  • Before moving to the United Kingdom in 2011, worked for over 10 years in private education as a tutor in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for secondary school students in the Republic of Panama and over 5 years as a Managing Director of a Real Estate Company.
  • Gelelna has a Master’s Degree in Science; graduated in chemical engineering.
  • She is an English Speaker and Proficient in Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

George HetfieldICT Apprentice

George is one of our newest recruits is working very hard since he is also currently completing his apprenticeship work alongside this. He has had a very good start and is constantly striving for knowledge.

Michael BrightwellGeneral Operative

Michael joined us mid 2018. Whilst answering calls and conversing with clients, Michael loves to help out the team in any way he can.

Ashley WoodwardProject Manager

Ash joined us in 2013 as a Cable Install Technician. He has since moved into exploring wireless broadband connections to link local schools to our Data Centre without the need for third party providers. Ash was our Telecoms Engineer, spending his time installing all wireless links to schools, building, installing & maintaining internal network infrastructures, AV Systems, Access Control, Gate Access Systems, CCTV & WiFi. However, he is now our Project Manager and is organising and overseeing all of our installation jobs. Odds are, if you join AIT, you will see Ash at some point!

John FeastICT Technician

After successfully completing his apprenticeship with us, John has transitioned into the role of ICT Technician passing his knowledge on to the current crop of apprentices. Fun fact about John is that he used to be a teacher at one of the schools we currently manage.

Vikram DhillonJunior ICT Technician

Vikram has been with AIT since March 2019 and has become an irreplaceable member of the team. Vik is our Junior ICT Technician and has come a very long way since starting; he is our resident smooth talker and has established connections throughout all of the schools he has visited. Honestly, we think he could talk for England. However, his main priority is the customer, bending over backwards to meet their every need whilst adhering to guidance from the Management team.

Dan LawtonData/Telecommunications & Installation Engineer

Dan, the man that can is another one of our installation engineers and is our specialist in fibre since he spent many years working with fibre at Nexus Cabling. He has only been with us for around 5 months and is already a valued member of the team and is enjoying every minute of it.

Matt WassICT Apprentice

Matt is our newest apprentice and is already started to develop his knowledge providing support to all our customers. Matt strives to learn and has hit the ground running!

John SullivanData/Telecommunications Engineer & Installation Apprentice

John is our installation apprentice and has been at AIT for around 6 months and actually came to AIT through working with Ashley at Magic and Miracle Fireworks. Due to him making a real impact, Ashley wanted him to be a part of AIT and AIT have not regretted that decision even once. He is a real quick learner and is also balancing AIT with his apprenticeship course.

Jack WilkinsonICT Apprentice

Jack is another one of our newest ICT apprentices and is completing his course alongside working at AIT. Jack has had an incredible month or so here and has become our tinker man; he loves all things components and has truly found his place amongst the members of AIT.