Our Work Over The Summer

The summer holidays are always a busy time for us here at Advanced IT Services. We use the time when teachers are out of the building to complete major summer IT jobs and upgrades to systems. This summer was one of our busiest ever! Read on to find out about some of the jobs we completed during the 6 week holiday.

Complete Kit Renewal – BWAF Carlton Road School

Over the summer, we completed a full kit renewal at BWAF Carlton Road School. This involved a full switch and Wi-Fi replacement, along with the installation of new PCs, over 250 laptops and over 130 iPads!

All of this work has been done to improve the overall speed of the network, as well as improve the experience the end users have when using the new systems. We look forward to hearing from BWAF about how their kit renewal is going for them in the new term!

Full Kit-Out – SMSJ Upper School (London)

We were contacted by SMSJ Upper School before the summer break about completing a full kit-out of their site. After the initial contact, we visited the school shortly after to discuss the work they needed. Here is a breakdown of the work Advanced IT Services completed over the summer.

  • Installed 28 70″ ViewSonic touch screens.
  • Installed a switch and Wi-Fi network.
  • Installed P to P links to the middle school to allow the new upper school to utilise the original onsite servers to create a serverless environment at the new school.

Removal of Kit from a Manchester-Based Data Centre

We removed one of our new customer’s servers from their current provider in Manchester. All 13 servers have now been installed in our in-house data centre and will now be reconfigured to create a cloud environment for this customer.

The customer has moved to us for a fully monitored solution. With their previous provider, they only rented the physical space. Due to this, dead disks or power supplies went almost unnoticed!

Replacement of Smart Boards and Projectors with New Touch Screens

This summer, we also replaced 7 projectors and smart boards with new 65″ BenQ point touch screens. This is part of a rolling replacement schedule for a primary school we support.

Furthermore, all of the above projects have been completed alongside our normal site support and summer maintenance jobs! Some these jobs include:

  • Imaging PCs around our schools.
  • Replacing machines.
  • Servicing gates, doors and CCTV.
  • Assisting in moving projects at our various schools.

For more information about the jobs we completed over the summer, or to find out about the possibility of Advanced IT Services working for you, contact us today!