AIT are experts in designing and constructing network infrastructure. We have built our own highly redundant network around the East Midlands. Therefore, we can offer point to point and MPLS connectivity at bandwidths and price points that rivals no other.


AIT also offer dedicated services, utilising dark fibre, wireless technologies, cellular or a combination of all three. We are in partnership with BT, Virgin, HSO and other top level carriers and can design solutions to suit your organisations exact requirements.


AIT are approved installers of Ubiquit, Siklu, Mimosa, Mikrotik and Sub10 Communication wireless infrastructure. Taking advantage of wireless infrastructure can dramatically reduce the ongoing rental costs of expensive alternatives. Point to Point wireless is more appropriate for shorter distances but we have installed links up to 35km with 1-2ms latency.
Instances where wireless would be an appropriate solution would be Council CCTV back-hall, ANPR camera networks or other networks that currently use the Private Fibre to the Cab or BT copper circuits, anything that involves short distances with multiple devices. Please see example case studies below.
AIT installs only the leading and most appropriate point to point wireless bridge solutions that are on the current market. We are fully OFCOM registered and can provide both non-licensed and fully licensed range solutions. Our solutions can range from 5Ghz license free to Licensed Microwave frequency’s, enabling connectivity where traditional cable coverage would fail.
Point to Point wireless connections can be delivered faster and eliminates the cost for expensive fibre, leased lines or installing cables. Speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 8Gbps enables us to cover any of your business requirements. We can offer a solution that meets your business needs, cost-effective solutions and quick delivery times, resulting in Point to Point Wireless being chosen more and more.
An initial survey is important part when designing wireless point to point connections We utilise 3D mapping and in-depth site surveys enabling us to guarantee the service expected.
Where possible AIT always monitor the connection remotely from our secure datacentre in Nottingham we have a current Uptime of 99.99%.


Speed of delivery (with 14 days)

The ability to upgrade in the future

Link speeds – 100Mbps to 8Gbps

Far cheaper than cabled options (Fibre)

A preferred solution when Point to MultiPoint is an option.