AIT hold over 15 years’ experience working with schools and, more recently, Academies. We have tailored every aspect of what we do to satisfy the needs of educational establishments. We are experts in door control access, managed wireless, IT suite rebuilds, advanced server installs, complete network re-designs/overhauls, IP Based CCTV solutions, VOIP telephone systems, AV solutions, Ditital signange, and 4D rooms.



A complete alternative to having your own IT team, our Support IT package provides unlimited remote support, onsite Engineer time with 24/7 monitoring and consultancy as required.


With fixed contract pricing our Education IT support package offers extreme value for money.

Primary Schools

£2500 + VAT PA

* All quotes subject to survey.

Secondary Schools

£4500 + VAT (3rd Line IT support)

* All quotes subject to survey.

So how can we benefit you?

Here are some common questions we get asked from the schools we work with, to give you a better idea of how AIT can enhance your infrastructure.


Unlimited onsite support

Unlimited telephone & email support

Unlimited remote support

Preventative maintenance 7 updates

24/7 Real-time monitoring & alerting

Enterprise Helpdesk tracking system

Dedicated Account Manger & technical reviews

On demand consultancy and advice services

On demand consultancy and advice services

No hidden costs


Combining our onsite support with our Broadband packages enables the school to move toward next generation IT delivery.

Next Generation Services


AIT have a vision to provide a central IT infrastructure that can be used to deliver a unified service to schools. Centralising staffing, procurement, budget planning and IT direction result in a more coherent flow and dramatically reduces costs.


AIT have a vison that minimizes the involvement of third parties to ensure services and resources are managed by the in-house team, thus enabling a more efficient and reliable overall service. AIT envisage a complete centralised solution, meaning every Primary/Secondary would be consolidated into one.


We will provide Active Directory integration and remove the need for any physical servers to be on site. AIT also offer the facility to integrate into our AD, offering server space and management from our central team. This, in turn, can aid your disaster recovery plan, as AIT can hold a current live backup of the schools infrastructure within our DataCentre. This should give you a twofold effect: the IT support team administering one large network rather than separate configurations and, furthermore, physical resources can be spread across all Academies, maximising investment.


AIT offers the use of our infrastructure and, in doing so, this reduces the overall investment required by the individual schools. Taking full advantage of a DataCentre infrastructure you should be aiming for 100% service level availability, with a true disaster recovery plan and policy.



AIT have a vision of complete connectivity from the home to the school. We are currently offering both broadband and Wi-Fi solutions to end users, enabling parents to offer completely safe and filtered (as well as unfiltered) internet access at home.

This also facilitates the use of a true (BYOD) system that encourages both access to school resources from home and a more integrated view of what Academies are doing for the residents.

Currently several of our current schools are offering this service to both teachers and students. AIT also have a trial in progress offering free broadband to users in a severely disadvantaged area. This has been proven to be, not only, a fantastic community builder but has also helped to empower users that would not have otherwise had access to the internet.

AIT envisage a complete unified solution, centralised; telephony (VOIP), CCTV, door access control, file systems, IM and Wi-Fi. Facilitating cross collaboration and unity across all schools. In doing so, this will meet all of the requirements of a collaborative workforce, combined with AIT’s current infrastructure, there would be very low investment to facilitate the centralisation process. Dramatically lowering the overall running costs to the School whilst giving extensive facilities.


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