Department for Education: Malware Misfortune

Recently there has been news circulating that a few of the Department for Education (DfE) laptops, that are being distributed to disadvantaged children to help with schooling, have had a virus on them. The government scheme enabled disadvantaged children to access lessons from the comfort of their own home during school closures across the country […]

Epidemic Employment: Is This The Future?

COVID-19 has been one of the largest outbreaks the world has seen since the Spanish Flu. With each country determining the best plan of action; many changes have been made especially regarding employment. Panic was spread across the nation with uncertainty being at an all-time high and a large number of people found themselves unemployed.However, […]

IT Support Services in Nottingham

IT support is one of the main services we offer to our clients at Advanced IT Services. The tasks we can handle range from simple “how do I?” requests, all the way to third-line support for complex IT issues. However, we are not only experts in providing high-quality IT support services to clients in the […]

Apple Devices in Education

iPads have become a valuable learning tool in the Classroom environment, opening up fantastic new methods and opportunities for learning. With AIT’s new management system, it has never been easier to deploy, manage and teach using iPad. Have a watch of our latest video below to see how we can benefit you… Click here for […]

Advanced IT Services: Our Vision

Have a watch of our latest video to find out more about our future plans. Advanced IT Services are a specialist IT support company based in Nottingham. We are dedicated to the Education and Public sector markets and work to create a centralised service network to offer all aspects of support, using a unique IT delivery […]